San Francisco from Russian Hill

San Francisco from Russian Hill at Night
I had difficulty finding a place to begin my work on an ambitious personal project in San Francisco. This was the first day of a week dedicated to the project after a brief visit on another job in January. It just seemed difficult to find a place to start. I had grabbed a cup of coffee and was asking a person who was walking by if he had any thoughts about the best place to capture the transamerica pyramid. We spoke for a while and then I found out that his name is Stoney as well. I thought “Wow!, what are the odds of this occuring? Crazy.”  He invited me to photograph the city from the roof where he lives.  When I arrived I was pretty excited as it is a spectacular view.  I had to focus on the capture during sunset and I spoke to his neighbors after I finished.  I will have to grab a cup of coffee with the other Stoney when I return to one of my favorite cities.

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