New Orleans

New Orleans Skyline at twilight

The last night I was in New Orleans there was fair weather. So, I headed out just before twilight and captured some images. I had a bit of a run in with a street hustler and dropped my mobile phone just before trying to exit the scene in a taxi. Fortunately the taxi driver who is from Jordan was very helpful and went with me to go back and get my phone. I was very lucky in that the hustler did not expect me and was arguing with security at a hotel. Just then he pulled my mobile from his pocket and I stepped in to claim my phone. I had to deal with him and his friend for a while and stepped into a bar with the taxi driver for a while to shake him. The rest of the people in New Orleans were very nice and my host insisted that I enjoy the prerequisite poor boy sandwich, gumbo soup, and fried eggplant.

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